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Daily Archives: October 3, 2018

Farmers end 10-day march, claim victor

Thousands of farmers on Wednesday ended their 10-day Kisan Kranti Yatra after arriving at Kisan Ghat in the national capital. The Central government allowed them to enter Delhi in the early hours of Wednesday, ending the prolonged standoff between the police personnel and protesting farmers.

Why Women Always Suffer

Yeah the top 10 country is Ethiopia Ethiopia is one of the highest sexual violence rate against women in the world. Approx 60% of women of Ethiopia suffered from sexual violence. Rape is major crime and serious problems in Ethiopia. Violence against women is a

Brazil is Moving Towards The Fourth Revolution

The world has changed its course of development when it first appeared The steam engine, electrical power, and computer systems. Any progress becomes a new stage in the development and discovery of new innovations and their influence can not stop society. We are one step