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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Mexican woman molested in Jaipur hotel

A General Manager of a five-star hotel here was arrested on charges of molesting a Mexican tourist, police said on Thursday. The alleged molestation took place in Hotel ITC Rajputana Sheraton Jaipur on Tuesday night. Deputy Commissioner of Police Vikas Pathak said accused Rishiraj Singh

Migration make or break issue for Europe

Migration could be a “make or break” issue for the European Union (EU), German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday ahead of a critical EU summit. She pressed the German parliament to back a tough but humane asylum and migration policy for the EU, warning

Emergency vs the ‘Undeclared’ one

The spike-studded Emergency boot is now on the other foot, or so the Lutyen’s intelligentsia would have the Indian electorate believe. At this very moment, we are told, a ‘maha-Emergency’ is in force. Democratic insitutions are being insidiously subverted and the Constitution given the go-by.

Gang rape of NGO workers in Jharkhand was pre-planned

The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday said that gang rape of five NGO workers at gunpoint in Jharkhand’s Khunti was pre-planned. “It is apparent that the incident was pre-planned and had been executed in a professional manner,” it said in a statement. The