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Daily Archives: June 2, 2018

Study Finds: Depression May Cause the Brain to Age More Rapidly

NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS A link between depression and cognitive decline in otherwise healthy aging adults, according to a study published this week. Previous studies have linked depression and anxiety to increased risk for dementia, but ananalysis by researchers at the University of Sussex involving previous

Economists React to Strong Jobs Report: United State

DOMESTIC JOB GROWTH rebounded last month after a lackluster April, as the unemployment rate ticked down to its lowest level in more than 18 years, according to a report published Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At 3.8 percent, the national unemployment rate is

Technology Trends Shaping Future For Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? Need to look for the bold and innovative moves that lead companies around the world are making to drive success? Technology continues to revolutionise small business, and for those ready to embrace the opportunity, future seems to

Morocco sends humanitarian aid to Palestine

With scores killed during protests in Palestine following the shifting of the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May, Morocco has sent humanitarian aid and medical team to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Equipment for a field